Non-Profits: Gain Big Impact with SNAP

Stratiscope_John_CommunityYou asked; we’re delivering.

Due to the great amount of requests we’ve received to offer support services by and for non-profit friends and clients alike, we’re pleased to announce our Stratiscope Non-profit Access Program (SNAP).

Are you a non-profit in the LA area whose staff is juggling multiple responsibilities? Wish you knew how to connect with area movers and shakers? Can’t navigate your way effectively around a press release to get the coverage (and third party recognition) you deserve? Need more hands (and hours) in the day?

Our SNAP program is the affordable way to free up time so you can perform critical functions.

Gain exclusive access to Stratiscope’s own expert strategic and creative team to handle those things often slipping through the cracks. We provide you access to the TIME, PEOPLE, and RESOURCES you need to be even more effective.

As a member of our program, consider the Stratiscope team as your very own expert team working for you through:

– Community profile enhancement
– Press release support
– Blog and marketing content and support
– Message development
– In-person strategy sessions with our team
– Monthly partner resource newsletter
– Web-based training
– Team development resources and training
– And more!

That’s up to 15 hours per month of quality, personal time with our team of experts dedicated solely to helping your business create its greatest impact.

Get started now: Our SNAP Information Packet shares the specifics of the program and how to sign up.

Don’t delay: We’re limiting the number of participants to 10 in order to provide individualized attention to our participating organizations. Know know someone who might benefit from working with us? Please let them know right away.

SNAP Application and Details

Make an impact in 2016: Our unique program is designed to be both affordable and to provide real outcomes for your organization. What’s more, we guarantee you will get results.

Apply today. Ensure your Success: And thanks for supporting our local community.

We look forward to helping your business achieve its impact goals in the coming year.

John Bwarie and the Stratiscope Team

rounded_corners_John_B_AvatarThe Stratiscope team, with over three decades of experience, is driven to creating impact for other companies and organizations. This hard-working and mission-driven team tailors its methods for success for each of its impact-seeking clients, from national corporations to successful public service campaigns. Learn more here: What We Do and How We Make it Happen


Don’t Freak Out. ShakeOut!

ShakeOut_Global_DontFreak_851x315Just last week, the City of LA passed a sweeping law that requires 15,000 of the worst buildings in LA (soft-story and non-ductile concrete) to be repaired to prevent both death and the loss of much needed housing.

This is the result of years of work I’ve been honored to be a part of.

I’ve spent over 8 years working around earthquakes and risk reduction in Los Angeles, SoCal, and across the nation. It’s great to see leaders use expert information to take action to make communities safer and more resilient.

Here are a few things you can do TODAY to reduce the “freak out factor” at home and/or at work (even if you don’t live in LA!):

  • Register now for the Great ShakeOut wherever you live or work.
  • Plan to attend the Strengthening Our Cities Summit in LA in November. Register here and see some of California’s seismic all-stars do their thing.
  • At the very least, talk to someone you love (or like a lot) about what to do in your community. What’s your plan when you’re confronted by the earthquake, hurricane, tornado, wildfire, blackout, or blizzard?

We live in a dynamic world, and nature will always throw something at us that urban centers won’t necessarily be able to out-engineer.

Further Reading: What’s in a Word: Resilience


rounded_corners_John_B_AvatarJohn Bwarie is an impact professional working to connect people and solve problems while focusing on an actionable outcome. He was one of the founders of the Great ShakeOut in 2008 and helps produce the Strengthening our Cities Summit. Follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn.