SIMO: Here’s Looking at You, Rams

rams jerseysThe Stratiscope offices are filled with artifacts from years of community work in Los Angeles and around the country. Sharing these posts ensures they don’t exist buried in an office but can live online forever. The SIMO (Stuff In My Office) serves as a reminder of why we do what we do.

In my office, I don’t shy away from proclaiming my fandom. Conveniently, and coincidentally, I found myself pursuing an undergraduate degree in St. Louis, MO, shortly after my local Rams football team departed for the same city. So, I stuck with them. They didn’t let me down, and the Greatest Show on Turf captured the Lombardi Trophy in the year 2000.

Strangely enough, it was this event that became an eye-opening experience about the hometown my Rams and I had temporarily left behind. Only five years prior, the UCLA Bruins Men’s Basketball team had won the NCAA Tournament, and the celebration in Westwood required riot police to fire rubber bullets to disperse a crowd that was flipping cars, ripping street poles out of the ground, and throwing beer bottles at officers. If that memory eludes you, you may likely recall the helicopter footage over Downtown Los Angeles, following bands of Angelenos wreaking havoc and destruction in the streets after the more recent Lakers’ championships.

Like many Rams fans that championship year, I was among the throngs flooding the downtown streets of St. Louis after the Super Bowl victory. But I didn’t see riot police. Nor were there gangs of delinquents bent on destroying public and private property alike. The celebration was markedly more “Care Bears” than “Mad Max.” And for this, I applaud St. Louis and the fan base. Respect and civility abound.

Welcome home, Rams. I hope our hometown fans can behave with the dignity and class you’ve grown accustomed to in St. Louis.

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