The Resilience Review 2016

Resources for Resilience

Stratiscope’s resources for resilience that make an impact.
Resilience. It’s a buzzword, and it means different things to different people. Why? Because it isn’t really clear what resilience is. The editors at the LA Times even shy away from the term, telling reporters covering topics like earthquakes not to use it. So, we pivot. After all, the work is the same, no matter what it’s called.  Stratiscope spent 2016 building stronger communities capable of handling what nature and society throws at them (take a look at some highlights below).  I continue to have the honor of working alongside Dr. Lucy Jones in various capacities, as well as working with local cities, the media, and community partners to make an impact in the realm of earthquakes and risk reduction.
So, what will it mean to be resilient in 2017? We can’t predict the future, but you can count on Stratiscope as your resource to tackle challenges requiring a broader reach, a stronger connection, a public face, and a strategy to advance safer, more connected communities.  Please reach out with problems that we can help you solve in 2017. We’ll be even more resilient together!

    John Bwarie 
Founder & CEO, Stratiscope

Check out some of the key programs, projects, and initiatives that Stratiscope developed and launched in 2016…
Southern California Disaster Risk Reduction Initiative:
Strengthening SoCal Report, as featured in the LA Times quoting Stratiscope CEO, John Bwarie. 
Thriving Earth Exchange:
Stratiscope helped develop an innovative program to connect scientists to communities. Check out “Science Impact” from the AGU Fall Meeting.
SCAG Earthquake Preparedness Initiative:
Check out the release of the initiative to bring earthquake policy support to 191 cities in SoCal. 
Public Presentations such as the National Earthquake Conference and the SCDF where Stratiscope’s expertise is tapped to inspire action and share resilience strategies.
SEAOSC Safer Cities Initiative:
Stratiscope supported SEAOSC’s 
Strengthening Our Cities Summit, the Safer Cities Advisory Program,
and the just-released Safer Cities Survey.
Dr. Lucy Jones Center for Science and Society:
Stratiscope is working alongside Dr. Jones as a founding strategist for the Center. 
At Stratiscope, we believe every person, company, and organization should have the opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to society and their local community. We leverage authentic relationships and employ effective strategies to enable tangible impacts. Contact us to see how we can help you make an impact in your community. 
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