Case Studies

Creating Partnerships to Build Resilience:
The Thriving Earth Exchange

  • Challenge:

    When a national organization wants to make local connections, there is sometimes a disconnect. And when the national organization is a science organization trying to connect with local government, the disconnect can be even greater. When the American Geophysical Union (AGU), the leading earth and space science association with over 70,000 members, wanted to connect its members to help solve local community issues, they needed a path forward that could be scalable and offer a way to formulate real projects with solutions that could be shared as the way to have science help solve problems. They created the Thriving Earth Exchange as a platform that could facilitate these relationships and partnerships, but they also needed a way to build those partnerships with city and community leaders in cities across the US. Having a project or platform was the first step; now, they needed partnerships and engagement.

  • Solution:

    The AGU turned to Stratiscope to create relationships in strategic cities of various sizes, in different regions. Stratiscope developed and implemented an approach that could be employed by AGU staff or members, creating a process for scientists to work with cities by helping them understand the way a city works. Conversely, a guide was developed to help cities understand how scientists think about and approach problems. These two groups may have the same goal, but their backgrounds may prevent them from understanding the other. Stratiscope facilitated initial partnerships to help demonstrate how this work can be done to actually identify solvable issues with real outcomes and understand what a partnership would look like.