Case Studies

Making an Impact Across the Nation:
Lucky's Market

  • Challenge:

    When Lucky’s Market went from one store and expanded to opening one store every 6-8 weeks, they weren’t sure how to scale their local community impact and strategic giving. They wanted to replicate what worked at one store for over a decade in a community they had grown with. Now, they were going into communities where the name and concept were completely unknown, and one of the core values that distinguished this company from others was their community engagement. They needed a process to honestly engage local community leaders, non-profts, and government officials with substantive impact and not just promotional interactions.

  • Solution:

    Stratiscope was tapped to help develop Lucky’s Community Impact Program starting in 2013, and has led the effort since then. Stratiscope developed a process to understand a community by meeting with strategic civic leaders to understand what issues exist and how Lucky’s might be able to support the community in creating lasting change. Stratiscope helped shift the focus from dollars spent to lives changed, refined their local impact program to three discrete areas, and leveraged their corporate giving to maximize the impact. Stratiscope staff has traveled around the country representing Lucky’s Market in local communities, often being the first people they meet with the company.