Case Studies

Creating Relevance & Purpose:
SFV Council of Governments

  • Challenge:

    Local government in and of itself is complicated. If you take some of the biggest cities in LA County and ask them to coordinate and work together, it gets even more complicated. And, if that coordination is organized by elected officials from various jurisdictions that have already been operating independently for decades — you get the picture. So, when the San Fernando Valley Council of Governments (SFVCOG) was working to establish itself between LA County and the Cities of Burbank, Los Angeles, Glendale, San Fernando and Santa Clarita, they needed to find leadership to manage their Joint Powers Authority (JPA) that would be able to comply with state laws, create relevance, and provide value to the member jurisdictions. They had had three executives in 4 years, and they needed leadership that would provide stability, vision, and execution.

  • Solution:

    Stratiscope was selected to provide executive management services for the SFVCOG to move the organization towards stability and relevance. Stratiscope oversaw the update to the governing documents of the JPA, managed a regional transportation assessment for the region, and provided the structure to have meaningful policy discussions and coordination among the member jurisdictions. With Stratiscope’s leadership, the Board redefined its mission so it could attain real results, and it set policies that will enable success for the future. After its first year, Stratiscope’s services were renewed by the board, highlighting the trust this body has in Stratiscope’s approach and execution of their vision for the region.