Stratiscope exists to make a difference. Our team wants to see communities and neighborhoods across the county thrive and be a place locals want to gather. We take the time to understand our clients needs and customize our strategic work to make sure they achieve the most effective and relevant results.

Stratiscope provides clients' and communities unique value utilizing the following tactics, among others:

Strategic Messaging & Message Development
Your goal is for your intended audience to take action, and that doesn’t happen by luck. We make the complex simple and actionable. We also acts as a translator with a track-record of communicating technical information to non-technical audiences. Stratiscope uses research-based approaches and proven best-practices to reach targeted audiences and communicate so that they take action on that message.

Connecting People
Anyone can make an introduction or even a cold call, but connecting to the right people who can advance your purpose takes skill. By leveraging decades of community convening experience and studies in sociology, Stratiscope connects client to resources. When wanting to create new partnerships, build audiences, or form alliances, Stratiscope is an essential part of your success.

Community Engagement
Stratiscope builds relationships within communities by taking time to understand their needs. By getting a deep understanding of a geographic- or issue-based community, clients can be engaged, develop meaningful interactions, and build strong partnerships.

Public & Community Relations
The way you communicate defines who you are as an entity. And when talking to decision-makers in the public and private sector, you must to know how to relate to their priorities and needs. Stratiscope has a keen understanding of what motivates elected & appointed officials, as well as community leaders, to take action and engage on an issue.

Engaging targeted audiences also means giving them the tools and tactics they value. Stratiscope coordinates and leads branded training as well as assisting in the development of training courses for clients that extends their reach and builds a stronger foundation for change.

Community Giving & Involvement
When an entity wants to impact their community, Stratiscope has the skills and ability to make sure that impact is effective and resounding. Approaching the community with the entity’s stated goals in mind, Stratiscope creates and can advise on a meaningful plan for strategic giving. Using a strategic approach that listens first and then takes action, Stratiscope's community interaction has been lauded by communities across the country.

Community Outreach Assessment
Stratiscope looks at the unique characteristics of a neighborhood, digging deep to discover needs and attitudes of its stakeholders. We take the time to become acquainted with individuals and community groups to craft a customized outreach plan that will result in better communication with clients and their constituencies.

Public Presentation
Presenting proposals and messaging to target audiences focusing on listening in order to respond meaningfully to community requests and concerns. Stratiscope excels at taking a complex issue and making it interesting and useful for target audiences.