Non-profit Access Program

The Stratiscope Non-profit Access Program (SNAP)

Imagine your non-profit with an increased ability to realize its board-driven vision.

Imagine your non-profit staff and board financially prepared for next year and beyond.

Imagine a partner with combined experience of over 50 years who can help you deliver your mission by supporting effective fundraising and community connections.

Imagine a surplus in your budget to grow your organization and actually do more.

You’ve just imagined the Stratiscope Non-Profit Access Program!

The Stratiscope Non-profit Access Program (SNAP) provides Los Angeles-area non-profit leaders with access to three valuable assets: PEOPLE, TIME, and FUNDRAISING GROWTH...

Access to PEOPLE means connections to people in power and decision-makers that are beyond your existing "sphere" (including elected officials, partners and potential board members). These connections also help raise raising your community profile.

More TIME means that your non-profit staff can focus on what they're good at and extend bandwidth related to external and internal communication, including media relations and strategies for organizational efficiency.

FUNDRAISING GROWTH focuses on programs and methods that will help you grow your fundraising beyond the typical 4-6% each year. Through analysis of existing methods and integration of comprehensive donor development strategies, we will help you create a fundraising program that provides double-digit growth year after year.

What’s included included in SNAP:

  • Quarterly in-person strategy session with SNAP team (90 minutes)
  • Individual monthly meeting with your dedicated SNAP Consultant (60 minute call)
  • Monthly joint interactive resource call among all SNAP organizations (60 minutes) that includes tips and experts
  • Invitation to SNAP Funders Forum for Presidents/CEOs, EDs, & Development Directors
  • Access to one written press release or article per month
  • Access to your Consultant for occasional questions and clarification
  • Complimentary ticket to monthly City Impact Lab Social Impact Breakfasts and other event discounts

Participation Commitment Details:

  • Payments for the SNAP program can come from the non-profit directly or through board member, sponsor, or other underwriting donor.
  • Payments can be broken down in three convenient ways:
    • $8400 due Annually ($700/month), or
    • $2250 due at the start of each quarter ($750/month), or
    • $800 due at the start of each month
      (Work will commence once payment is received.)
  • SNAP requires a 12-month commitment and can be renewed for three-months at a time thereafter.

Please complete the form below, and you will be contacted when a space becomes available. Space is limited to 15 organizations on a first come, first served basis.