Who We Are

John Bwarie

  • Yearbook Bio:

    John knows more about Los Angeles than anyone you’ve met. John has started schools, taught in Watts, worked for 4 elected officials, led governmental organizations, instigated change in communities across the country, created an event with over 5 million participants, spoken at technical conferences on Capitol Hill, and created the City Impact Lab, to name a few things. He works to connect people and solve problems while always focusing on an actionable outcome. He loves his wife and family, ice cream, and bringing people together.

  • What people say about John:

    • "John knows everyone in L.A." - Dr. Lucy Jones
    • "John brings positive energy, great ideas, and innovative solutions to any team or project." - Florence Chung
    • "John can be trusted to deliver useful information in a way that motivates those who attend to take action." - Danielle Brazell
    • "John has endless energy and enthusiasm for Los Angeles" - Leslie DeBeauvais
  • Recognitions:

    • - United Chambers of Commerce Outstanding Elected Official's Representative (2010)
    • - U.S. Geological Survey's Shoemaker Communications Award (2009)
    • - SFV Business Journal's 40 under 40 Award (2006)

  • Favorite Local Community Project:

    Citrus Sunday: We engaged hundreds of people to harvest food from their backyards to donate to local food pantries that didn’t have much fresh fruit. This effort spawned other organizations and events that focus on this gleaning across SoCal.

  • Impact Super Powers:

    • - Translation: I speak policy, science, and the intersection of the two.
    • - Convening: I can assemble the right people and get an outcome.
    • - Speaking: Anyone can talk, but I have the ability to speak in public to move people towards action.
    • - Idea Generation: I have no shortage of ideas and action plans to realize them.
  • Philosophy on Connecting People:

    If they’re under 21, give them ice cream; if they’re over 21, serve them wine.

Angela Babcock

Director of Community Engagement
  • Yearbook Bio:

    An Idaho transplant who believes the small town civic engagement ideals experienced in her youth and applies these values to work she does in the neighborhoods of the city she now calls home. She has worked for two LA Mayors and two City Council members as a policy advisor, community representative and business development specialist. Through her work, she became a "Queen of Hollywood," noted for her expertise in getting things done in Tinseltown. You could find her with her sleeves rolled up at a community clean-up in the morning, speaking at a Walk of Fame Star Ceremony later that day, and connecting power-players at a gala event that night. She can often be found singing and playing her ukulele in front of any audience who will listen.

  • What people say about Angela:

    • "Angela delivers results that have a real impact" - Ana Guerrero, Chief of Staff to Mayor Garcetti
    • "Here in Hollywood, we always turned to Angela for help when we tackled projects that involved working with the city.  She was the 'secret ingredient' to our success." - Kerry Morrison, Executive Director, Hollywood Property Owners Alliance

  • Accomplishments:

    • - Developed City policy around supplier diversity initiatives in city contracting
    • - Coordinated the installation of "Glass-phalt," rather than plain asphalt, on Hollywood Boulevard resulting in a sparkly street to accompany the world famous Hollywood Walk of Fame.
    • - Led City production of Hollywood Christmas Parade
  • Favorite Local Community Project:

    EaCa Alley in Hollywood’s Cahuenga Corridor. Business owners, government and community leaders came together to turn a crime riddled, dirty back alley into a pedestrian pathway dotted with dining spots and vertical gardens that the community can be proud of.

  • Impact Super Powers:

    • - Mediating: I am not afraid of a hostile room and can leave having found common ground
    • - Educating: I can take a complex or mind numbing issue and make it interesting and useful
    • - Problem solving: No challenge is insurmountable with the right set of tools
  • Philosophy on Connecting People:

    We all have a story to tell, let’s share them.