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13 Vegetarian Sandwiches to Eat during L.A. Sandwich Week 2021

Though meat between bread is how the sandwich was invented, you don’t always need the meat to make it an amazing sandwich. Here are 13 sandwiches to eat during L.A. Sandwich Week that are meat-free... 1. Konbi: Egg Salad Sandwich (Echo Park) 2. Katsu Sando:  Seasonal...

10 ways to Celebrate L.A. Sandwich Week 2021

LA Sandwich Week is here, so how can you make the most of it? Here are ten simple ways to plan your week so that you can enjoy amazing food while exploring LA and supporting local small businesses across the county. 1. Download the L.A. Sandwich Week Guide! 2. Support...

Food and Community: What’s the Connection?

Food and Community: What’s the Connection?

What do I care most about? My family tops the list, of course. And after them? It would have to be community and food, tied for second—and, to my mind, inextricably connected. In fact, I believe to my core that there’s no better catalyst for community-building than...