[VIDEO] COVID-19 Post-Pandemic Back-To-Work Guide

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This morning, Los Angeles ABC7 News welcomed back Stratiscope CEO John Bwarie. He offered insights and guidance on how to go back to work post-pandemic as COVID-19 restrictions ease.

John Bwarie, Community Resilience Expert, shares expert advice on getting back to work post-pandemic on ABC7 from Stratiscope on Vimeo.

Here’s a summary:

“Like coal under pressure becomes a diamond, we’ve all learned new skills in this challenging time.” They could be hard skills, like a new software or craft, or soft skills like better time management.

“Be ready to ask and answer, ‘What did you do during the quarantine?'” You can think of this time apart as a reset, a chance to create your new “first impression.” But your answer should be authentic, to support authentic re-connections.

“Be positive, don’t complain, have compassion.” Quarantine has exacted its price from us all, whether it’s health (both mental and physical), loss of livelihood, academic progress put on pause, or any number of other hardships. Try to lift others up, even with small gestures.

John also outlined a back-to-work game plan that anyone can use, and concluded with a message of community: “We’re still all in this together.”

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