10 ways to Celebrate L.A. Sandwich Week 2021

by | May 23, 2021 | Community Engagement | 0 comments

LA Sandwich Week is here, so how can you make the most of it? Here are ten simple ways to plan your week so that you can enjoy amazing food while exploring LA and supporting local small businesses across the county.

An artists rendering of one of LA's amazing sandwiches.1. Download the L.A. Sandwich Week Guide!

2. Support a small business by buying a sandwich during Sandwich Week. And, for every sandwich purchased, Wells Fargo will donate $1 to Project Angel Foodup to $25,000!

3. Win free sandwiches by posting a pic of your favorite sandwich on Twitter or Instagram and tagging it with #BestOfLASW21, #LASW21, the name of the shop, and @SecretCityLA (details here).

4. Nominate your favorite sandwich shop each day to have them win a $1000 community grant from Stratiscope (details here).

5. Take a Sandwich Safari with friendsuse one of our tours from the Guide or create your own (and post it on social media!)

6. Show up at the featured sandwich shop each day for a chance to win free cookies (you’ll find out where on our Twitter and Instagram!)

7. Buy sandwiches for frontline workers at schools, hospitals, fire stations, and the like (and make sure to coordinate with them first!).

8. Bring a sandwich to a neighbor or friend who’s unable to get out this week.

9. “Pay it forward” by buying a sandwich for a coworkerand tell them to buy one for someone else in your office the next day 

10. Make a donation to Project Angel Food to support their work providing healthy meals to people impacted by illness, bringing comfort and hope every day.