Our Expertise

Our Expertise

Stratiscope’s leadership team has combined experience spanning more than six decades of connecting businesses, nonprofits, and government agencies to communities.

We’ve developed broad and unmatched expertise, and we apply it to every aspect of your organization’s challenges.

Community Assessments (Groundtruthing)

Stratiscope looks at the unique characteristics of a neighborhood, digging deep to discover the needs and attitudes of its stakeholders. We take the time to become trusted by individuals and community organizations groups before we craft a customized outreach plan that will result in better relationships between you and your constituencies. We start by working to truly understand the nature of the community and use that local intelligence to inform actions to align with the community while achieving your goals.

Community Engagement

Community relations and community outreach are just the starting points for community engagement. Stratiscope has engaged communities from two to two million people. We build authentic, trust-based relationships within communities by taking time to understand their needs. By getting that deep understanding of a geographic- or issue-based community, clients can engage deeply, develop meaningful interactions, and build stronger partnerships. Real engagement also provides truth that can inform and improve organizational decision-making.

Connecting and Convening

Anyone can make an introduction or even a cold call, but connecting to the right people who can advance your purpose takes well-developed, specialized skill. By leveraging decades of community convening experience and studies in sociology, Stratiscope connects clients to resources that can advance their goals. Whether creating new partnerships, building audiences, or forming alliances, Stratiscope is an essential part of your success.


Helping move organizations forward sometimes requires more than just strategy. Our expertise in facilitating groups toward a common goal has been used in one-time workshops, long-term programs, and with external stakeholder groups. This expertise helps move ideas forward, bring stakeholders to the same page, and advance your goals.

Strategic Messaging and Message Development

Your goal is clear: You want your targeted audience to take specific actions… and that doesn’t happen by luck. Stratiscope uses research-based approaches and proven best -practices to reach targeted audiences and communicate so that they take action on the message you deliver.

We make complex concepts simple and actionable, acting as a translator with a track record of communicating technical information to non-technical audiences, especially those in positions of power and influence.

Further, the way you communicate defines you—and when talking to decision-makers in the public and private sector, you must to know how to relate to their priorities and needs. Stratiscope has a keen understanding of what motivates elected and appointed officials, as well as community leaders, to take action and engage on an issue.

Strategic Philanthropy and Corporate Social Responsibility

When a company wants to work with their community to advance business goals, Stratiscope has the proven ability and expertise to assure that the result is effective and resounding AND that the work done to support community issues aligns with business goals. Approaching the community with the business’s stated goals in mind, Stratiscope develops and implements meaningful plans for strategic giving. Stratiscope’s deliberate approach first listens to what’s being said “between the words” and then takes action. Stratiscope’s community interaction has been lauded by communities across the country, from the wetlands of Florida to the mountains of Wyoming to California wine country.

Disaster Resilience

No part of the world is free from natural hazards and their effects. The Stratiscope team brings more than a decade of expertise working with local and national authorities in the science of hazards. We help craft science-informed policy and serve as a translator to make information actionable by communities, policy makers, and other decision makers. Stratiscope has unparalleled expertise in working with communities during crises and mitigating their impacts.