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Our Story

Our Story

Stratiscope was founded on the belief that harnessing the power of community engagement can maximize a business, nonprofit, or government agency’s ability to reach its goals.

John Bwarie launched Stratiscope in 2013 after working with communities and leaders for more than a decade for the Los Angeles City Council and Mayor, followed by three years with the U.S. Geological Survey, the federal science agency. He came to discover that the most important parts of working for elected officials and government agencies were building community and solving the challenges they might face. John used that understanding to create a new method for engagement for organizations that weren’t aware of how powerfully understanding and activation of community could serve their purposes.

More than a decade of positive results, nationally and locally.

Stratiscope’s first years were rooted in principles of building resilience and working with scientists and engineers, particularly around earthquakes. In an early engagement, we created the Southern California Disaster Risk Reduction Initiative—developing the concept, convening the leaders, and releasing the subsequent Strengthening SoCal Report. Featured in the LA Times, this document still serves as a guiding document for work being done in the region. Stratiscope also helped establish a partnership between noted earthquake expert Dr. Lucy Jones and Mayor Eric Garcetti, which resulted in the most sweeping earthquake safety legislation of its time, as laid out in the Resilience By Design report.

Other early work included strategic community engagement work with The Natural Hazards Center University of Colorado at Boulder, the American Geophysical Union’s Thriving Earth Exchange (TEX), and the Structural Engineers Association of Southern California.

We have also focused on good governance, being asked to take the helm of the San Fernando Valley Council of Governments. Simultaneously, we demonstrated our ability to develop a nationwide community impact and engagement program through our work with Lucky’s Market.

Directing our attentions locally, we formed the City Impact Lab in 2014 to focus community building and engagement efforts of those working to effect specific, positive changes in Los Angeles.

Stratiscope has grown to become one of the few firms anywhere that is focused on community engagement. Organizations engage with us to advance actionable solutions to the critical, ongoing brand challenges of relevance, reputation, and resilience.