Corporate Community Engagement

Corporate Community Engagement

Harness the power of community to build brand equity and improve your relationships with customers, attract and retain employees, and have greater influence with key decision-makers.

Stratiscope’s Corporate Community Engagement services advance your company’s efforts to truly set itself apart from the competition and establish itself as an integral community member.

The distinguishing feature of Stratiscope’s Corporate Community Engagement services is this: we build a strong community to advance your unique business goals by revealing granular insights about the areas in which you do business. In order to truly and fully serve your business purpose, we commit to gathering accurate community intelligence – insights of what people think about your brand and what issues are important to their community – that a company must understand. Your success depends on it.

Our Services:

Corporate Impact Diagnostic

Taking stock of your organization’s community engagement efforts and your community’s experiences and perceptions of those efforts to quickly evaluate your impact


Community Impact Kickstart

Assessing, honing, and redefining what community engagement means to your company


Community Engagement Design

Researching, analyzing, and designing a holistic community engagement program that meets pressing community needs and establishes your business as an integral community leader


Community Engagement Implementation

Implementing a community engagement plan by training your team, designing components and materials, and supporting operations to ensure success


Community Leadership Development

Positioning you for influence and success by strategically establishing key team members within your targeted community


Community Metrics Analysis

Identifying, researching, analyzing, and delivering targeted community metrics for your organization to use to inform and enhance operations


We also provide training, community-focused crisis response, and venue-community relations services as well