Government Community Engagement

Government Community Engagement

Harness the power of community to research, craft, and implement effective policies while developing and maintaining public trust.

Stratiscope’s Government Community Engagement services help agencies and offices better understand their constituents and craft programs and policies that meet pressing community needs. Direct community engagement also builds trust among the public and reminds them that you have their best interest in mind.

Authentic community engagement is hard, complicated work, and it requires skill and expertise. No two communities are alike, and successful governance and public service requires a deep and agile understanding of unique community insights, trends, and opportunities. Stratiscope conducts extensive research to build that community intelligence and then uses it to inform the decisions made in service of the public.

Our Services:

ComIO Training

Training your team to understand and leverage how key players, perceptions, and trends in your targeted community impact your organizational success


Community Metrics Analysis

Identifying, researching, analyzing, and delivering targeted community metrics for your office to use to inform and enhance operations


Community Engagement Design

Researching, analyzing, and designing a holistic community engagement program that meets pressing community needs and establishes your office as an integral community leader


Community Engagement Implementation

Implementing a community engagement plan by training your team, designing components and materials, and supporting operations to ensure success


We also provide community resilience building, community-focused crisis response and venue-community relations services as well