Nonprofit Community Engagement

Nonprofit Community Engagement

Harness the power of community to increase your organization’s relevance, impact, and sustainability while expanding relationships with funders, partners, and clients.

Stratiscope’s Nonprofit Community Engagement services helps your organization better understand the community it serves and craft programs that effectively meet pressing community needs.

Stratiscope’s Nonprofit Community Engagement services leverage our community intelligence expertise to increase the capacity and efficacy of organizations. No two communities are alike, and successful nonprofit programs require a deep and agile understanding of unique community insights, trends, and opportunities. Stratiscope conducts extensive research to build that community intelligence and then uses it to empower your organization and its programs.

Our Pivot to Relevance Portfolio:

Mission Delivery and Relevance Diagnostic

Taking stock of your organization’s programs and your community’s experiences and perceptions of those programs to quickly evaluate impact

Mission and Vision Realignment

Increasing your nonprofit’s relevance in and to its community and guiding operations to maximize impact

Strategy and Program Design

Maximizing your nonprofit’s impact through in-depth community intelligence research and agile strategic design

Program Design and Implementation

Assessing values, goals, and existing efforts, designing a community engagement plan based on those findings, and then implementing that plan

Community Metrics Analysis

Identifying, researching, analyzing, and delivering targeted community metrics for your office to use to inform and enhance operations

Board Facilitation and Activation

Developing a strategic agenda for, facilitating, and then analyzing the results of a board activation session that crystalizes, reinvigorates, and activates your organization’s board

Board Recruitment and Development

Securing new members who fill gaps, exhibit exceptional professional qualities, open valuable corporate and community avenues, and are trained to drive your organization’s success


We also provide training, community-focused crisis response, and venue-community relations services as well