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Online Community Crisis Response Forum for Business Leaders

Are you prepared to lead your employees and customers through the COVID-19 pandemic?

Join John Bwarie, community resilience and crisis response expert, for twice-weekly online business leadership discussions and sharing around strategies, tactics, and best practices in managing organizations through the coronavirus crisis.

Watch the first CCRF session (March 20, 2020)
Forum Members: Access the Community Crisis Response Forum Resource Library

Join the Online Community Crisis Response Forum
Every Tuesday and Friday

Together, we take the pandemic one week at a time. Discover with other leaders how to keep your community resilient and high functioning during the three critical phases of coronavirus management.

Do you lead a critical aspect of your organization? Do you oversee:

  • Security
  • Crisis Management
  • Communications
  • Public Affairs
  • Community Relations
  • Financial and/or Risk Management
  • Human Resources

Are you a Trusted Business Advisor? Community Influencer?

This twice-weekly, online forum provides the mission-critical tools you need to lead your organization through the planning, social distancing, and recovery phases of community crisis response to the pandemic.

  • Get practical, actionable tactics you can put into place right away.
  • Find answers to the questions you need to ask.
  • Develop a peer network with other leaders to share experiences and outcomes.

During the active crisis phase, we’ll meet online twice each week.

Log in Tuesdays and Fridays at 8:30am PT/11:30am ET. You’ll participate in an exclusive update and guided discussion, exclusively for business leaders and their trusted advisors.

Key discussion topics will include:

  1. Leading during a time of crisis – how to bring people along with your efforts to collaborate with you
  2. Creating your roadmap for Community Crisis Response while managing the crisis
  3. Planning for the long-term impact of Community Crisis Response to build sustainable support networks
  4. Striking the right tone: how to communicate your values and support your community during crisis
  5. Identifying unexpected partners during a community crisis and building relationships
  6. Working with local and other public officials: providing value to you and them
  7. Giving and soliciting donations during a community crisis: how to spend less and do more


All subscriptions include 1 Forum call per week (2 per week during crisis)

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