The Summer 2021 Community Brand Accelerator cohort begins May 13, 2021.

Leadership in your community requires visibility and authority so you are recognized as a distinguished community brand. Over the last two years in the Community Brand Accelerator (CBA), we have successfully advanced the trajectory and success of individuals who each have a personal or professional mission.

The upcoming CBA Cohort is a select group of business, civic, and nonprofit leaders in the U.S. who seek to more effectively lead their communities, expand their communities, or otherwise raise their status as thoughtful leaders.

The cohort is a customized, 17-week experience with group workshops and one-on-one coaching. This is an unparalleled opportunity to achieve your goals while building relationships with other leaders and key resources.

Who’s eligible?

Community Brand Accelerator is open to CEOs, founders, presidents, directors, partners, or executives of businesses, nonprofits, or government agencies, including elected and appointed officials, with a:

  • Community goal or leadership role
  • Desire to make a greater impact and serve their communities
  • Growth goal to increase visibility, reach, or partners
  • Willingness to have a higher community profile and a public platform

Stratiscope Community Brand Accelerator virtual workshop

Here’s an inside look at our most recent Community Brand Accelerator.

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Key Summer 2021 Cohort Dates

Summer 2021 Cohort Highlights

Be Recognized for Your Work

Get the roadmap to the recognition you deserve. Awards and recognition validate your work and expertise. It helps you secure the resources, connections, and opportunities you need to accelerate your achievement. Discover how to transform your ideas into an actionable mission.

Secure Funding and Resources

Pinpoint the ideal clients, customers, partners, or sponsors that will give you access to the support you need to fulfill your mission. Demonstrate what you are providing is worth investing in. Align your mission with their funding goals.

Connect with the Right People

Broaden your reach and engage more people who can help you achieve your community goal. Identify the key reasons why these people and partners need you and your community to help them achieve their goals so they see you as a valuable, one-of-a-kind partner.

Get Media Coverage

Meet with assignment editors and other coverage “gate keepers” and frame your story so you get on-air, in-print, and online from reputable sources like the Wall Street Journal, NBC Nightly News, ABC, Fox, and more. Craft and practice your media hook so you feel confident delivering it.

Amplify Your Influence

Identify the most powerful community evangelists. Craft a crisp, clear message they can use to communicate with more people so you gain valuable connections, followers, and action-takers. Develop the precise language to ignite positive response and overcome resistance within your community and among civic gatekeepers.

Harness the Power of Social Media

Optimize your online presence by intentionally setting a strategy, tactical plan, timeframe, and tone for social media. Use proven templates and worksheets that maximize your impact while compressing the time it takes to communicate and create your ideal reputation.

Collaborate with Thought Leaders

Develop a new set of peers with your customized roadmap and outreach strategy to make sure you’re at the right table, in the right room, and on the ideal agenda. Foster relationships with other leaders who are at the height of your aspirational level of achievement.

Increase Your Speaking Income

Create the marketing materials that communicate how you motivate and influence an audience so you are rewarded for your expertise and ability to move people to take action in line with your mission. Develop the speaking forums and panels that attract other leaders and attendees who are aligned with your goals.

“Working with John Bwarie took me from ‘reluctant responder’ to a high-profile influencer on the issues that matter to me. I wouldn’t be where I am today without John.”

Dr. Lucy Jones, Founder & Chief Scientist, Dr. Lucy Jones Center

“John Bwarie has a unique ability to home in on your personal brand and how you can effectively connect with customers, the community, etc. Having John is like having your own PR/stylist/brand consultant and life coach all in one.”

Tim Gaspar, CEO, Gaspar Insurance

“The Accelerator provided the guidance and support I needed to evaluate my activities and relationships in light of how I want my community to see me. As I take on the presidency of my profession’s statewide association, I’m confident that I have the right tools to connect with the 6,000 members who will look to me for leadership on critical issues.”

Ashley Atkinson, 2021-2022 President, APA California