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Coronavirus/COVID-19 Pandemic Resources

To help you and your organization manage community, customer, and employee relations through the Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve created this Resources page with content, links, virtual events, and other vital information.

We will update this page as we receive and create new, shareable information, so please visit frequently.

Online Community Crisis Response Forum for Business Leaders

Join Stratiscope CEO John Bwarie, community resilience and crisis response expert, for twice-weekly online business leadership discussions and sharing around strategies, tactics, and best practices in managing organizations through the coronavirus crisis.

Watch the first CCRF session (March 20, 2020)
Join our Online Community Crisis Response Forum

Virtual Events

We’re taking our monthly events online, so now anyone can attend from anywhere. Put us on your calendar:

Secret City Tour – LA Leaders Virtual Food Tour

  • Every Thursday @ 11:00 am – 11:30 am

 City Impact Lab Virtual Breakfast Featuring Hilary Norton

  • Hilary has over 28 years of experience in transportation and community development. She currently works as FAST’s Executive Director and Vice Chair of the CA Transportation Commission. Join her Thursday, August 6, from 8:30-9:45 am. Register here.

Resources & Tactics for Leaders

These resources are available to help business and community leaders work through the COVID-19 pandemic and maintain community engagement.

COVID-19, Masks, and Our Sense of Belonging

Here’s the truth: people crave community. We’ve all been robbed of that feeling because we are isolated in our homes. CEO John Bwarie explains how he believes masks can amplify that feeling. Read the blog.

How to Lead During Compounding and Cascading Crises

As a leader, it’s your role to step up and organize people and resources to help your community through crises. CEO John Bwarie shares how to lead during compounding and cascading crises. Read the blog.

[VIDEO] COVID-19 Post-Pandemic Back-To-Work Guide

Friday morning, Los Angeles ABC7 News welcomed back Stratiscope CEO John Bwarie. He offered insights and guidance on how to go back to work post-pandemic as COVID-19 restrictions ease. Watch the video.

Six Community Engagement “Reopening” Tactics For Business Leaders When COVID-19 Restrictions Relax

Governments are cautiously relaxing COVID-19 restrictions. As your business reopens, are you prepared to step back up as a leader and resume your community engagement efforts? The landscape has changed, and Stratiscope’s John Bwarie offers 6 tactics to get you back in the game. Read the blog.

How Do You Reconnect as a Leader After Hibernation from COVID-19 Isolation?

It’s time for you to reconnect with those you need to lead as part of your community and reestablish yourself in a community leadership role. John Bwarie shares insights on how to reconnect with your community in the “return-to-work” phase of the pandemic. Read the blog.

[VIDEO] Pandemic Risk Management for Nonprofit Board Members

On May 7, 2020, Stratiscope hosted Tim Gaspar, CEO Of Gaspar Insurance Service, to provide his informed pandemic risk management insights to nonprofit board members. Read the blog and watch the full presentation.

[VIDEO] Top 3 Tips For Adjusting to Remote Working During the COVID-19 Pandemic

On March 30, 2020, Stratiscope CEO John Bwarie appeared on ABC7 to share 3 tips for adjusting to remote working during the coronavirus / COVID-19 pandemic. Watch the video.

Blog Post & Webinar: Six-Point City Virtual Engagement Strategy for COVID-19

These six engagement strategies for cities work to maintain and strengthen the connections already established through in-person engagement initiatives that bring hope and connectedness to the community.

Blog Post: 34 Ways for Businesses to Preserve Relationships During Coronavirus (or Other Pandemic)

These 34 actions cover the three critical community impact phases of a pandemic: Preparation, Isolation and Social Distance, and Rebuilding.

HuffPost Article: If You Suddenly Work Remotely, Communication Matters More Than Anything Else

Reporter Monica Torres tapped into John Bwarie’s expertise for this recent piece. 

Community Intelligence Podcasts

These archive recordings cover community resilience topics, with relevant, resonant lessons for the current crisis:

Radical Resilience and the Opportunities of Disaster Recovery

Robin Barnes, EVP and COO of Greater New Orleans Inc., discusses large-scale resilience, her work with local communities to build radical resilience, and her experiences in post-9/11 New York and post-Katrina New Orleans.

How Resilience Helps Communities Survive Earthquakes and Other Disasters

In this 3-part conversation, Dr. Lucy Jones of Caltech explores the intersection of scientific research and community activation.

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