Community Intelligence Podcast


Listen as Stratiscope’s CEO sits down with leaders from business, nonprofit, and government to discuss their personal journeys and visions for positive change in their communities.

The Community Intelligence podcast features prominent private and public sector leaders who have found success working with and engaging community. Each episode features a conversation between Stratiscope CEO John Bwarie and the guest who shares their experience, insights, failures, and successes related to their work with community.

Community intelligence lies at the core of everything we do at Stratiscope and is critical to the work of every other community leader across the country. To learn more about what community intelligence means to these industry leaders — and what they’ve learned over the course of their storied careers — we press them to think about and discuss the topic of community through the lens of empowerment, activation, and respect. The result is a program on community unlike any other you’ve heard.

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Community Intelligence:

The patterns identified from the collection of a community’s insights which can be used to understand that community.

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