Our Process

Our Process

Every Stratiscope initiative is grounded in deep understanding of individual communities.

We use our signature exercise of Groundtruthing™ to discern community needs and perceptions and gain overall intelligence. These insights inform the actions, programs, and activities that can advance the client’s goal within a targeted community.

Our process starts with a deep-dive “Kick-Start.”

Here we set goals, develop tactics, and brainstorm a series of internal Groundtruthing™ questions to engage staff, board members, partners, and customers to confirm (or reality-check) the perceptions the client has about itself and its work.

Using this internal community intelligence, we then develop key concepts, individuals, and organizations external to the client to obtain deeper, fuller community understanding.

Finally, this information is synthesized and reported back to the client in the form of a Community Engagement Playbook™ that highlights the findings and offers next steps to be taken to achieve the goals developed in the kick-start process.

It’s not just another focus group, interview, or report generation exercise.

We strive to “listen between the words” to detect nuanced meanings, common themes, and actionable insights that inform strategies.

We also have a deep understanding of best practices in community engagement, as well as the roles of marketing, public relations, government affairs, and other external resources.

Every action driven by community intelligence.

Community intelligence is the foundation for the decisions an organization makes to grow, move forward, achieve its goals, improve its reputation, and prevent backsliding. When we gather local intelligence, we present it so it can inform action across your organization.