Los Angeles Sandwich Week FAQ

What is Los Angeles Sandwich Week?

Happening May 24-31, 2021 (the final week of National Small Business Month), LASW21 is a county-wide celebration of our communities, the small businesses that have persevered through the pandemic, and of course the the best, biggest, and most delicious sandwiches to be found in Los Angeles.

LASW21 is also a great way to help those less fortunate. For every featured sandwich purchased, Sandwich Week sponsor Wells Fargo will donate $1 (up to $25,000) to Project Angel Food, a non-profit organization that prepares and delivers over one million medically tailored meals each year, free of charge to homes of men, women, and children affected by life-threatening illnesses. You can support them as well here.

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Why sandwiches?

Whether it’s a basic PB&J or an overstuffed Reuben, everyone has their favorite. Sandwiches can be a great equalizer— easy for everyone to order, eat, grab and go during a time when being indoors hasn’t been easy. Every neighborhood has a sandwich shop, restaurant, or eatery that often serves as a destination. 

The Official Los Angeles Sandwich Week Guide features more than 100 different  sandwiches worth trying — so everyone can participate by buying at least one featured sandwich and helping Project Angel Food! And who doesn’t love a good sandwich?!

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Where is L.A. Sandwich Week?

LASW21 is all around you, and right under your nose. The Official Los Angeles Sandwich Week Guide will list the featured sandwiches by neighborhood so you can join in where you live, or plan sandwich excursions around L.A. County.

PLUS, follow @secretcityLA on Instagram for alerts on pop-up locations throughout the week! You can also create your own celebration of sandwiches by ordering a few to share, or taking a “sandwich tour” of various LA neighborhoods. There are endless ways for you to support small businesses and eat well this week.

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How can I participate?

You can participate in LASW21 several ways:

    1. First and foremost, buy the sandwiches featured in the Official Guide!  You’ll be supporting small businesses AND the efforts of Project Angel Food.
    2. Spread the word!  Tell your friends and neighbors about LASW21 — and bring them along on a sandwich safari.
    3. Take a Sandwich Tour or create your own using the guide.
    4. Eat like an elected official — check out the Official Guide for local mayors’ favorite sandwiches.
    5. Coordinate with local frontline workers to get them lunch or dinner from a sandwich maker in your community — sandwiches travel well, and it’s a great way to say “thank you” and support local businesses.
    6. Enter our social media contests throughout the week:

Daily Gift Card Contest

Post a pic of your favorite sandwich on Twitter or Instagram and tag it with #BestOfLASW21, #LASW21, the name of the shop and @SecretCityLA.  One winner each day during Sandwich Week will be selected to win a $50 gift card to that shop! (One winner per day across both platforms based on those tagged publicly.)

Sandwich Maker Grant Award

Support your favorite shop by tagging it on social media with #BestLASandwichMaker, #LASW21 and @SecretCityLA, and tell us why they should get the community grant. One winner each day will be selected to be entered for a 1-in-8 chance to win the full $1000 grant. 

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Why should I buy a sandwich during Los Angeles Sandwich Week?

Every featured sandwich you buy during LASW21 accomplishes two important things:

    1. It supports a local small business at a time they especially need it.
    2. It supports the work of Project Angel Food: LASW21 sponsor Wells Fargo will donate $1 for every featured sandwich purchased (up to $25,000).

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How do the $1 donations to Project Angel Food work?

Our participating sandwich shops will track the sandwiches purchased during LASW21 so we can tally up the donations. All you have to do is buy a sandwich!

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How were sandwiches selected for the Official Los Angeles Sandwich Week Guide? 

Throughout spring 2021 we requested nominations of great sandwiches across LA via social media.  We also asked dozens of public officials for their favorites. The Secret City LA team of food experts reviewed all the entries (including taste-testing, of course) and determined the final featured sandwich lineup in the Official Guide.  We ate A LOT of great sandwiches (and some that were not so good and shall remain nameless!).

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What if my favorite LA Sandwich isn’t on the list?

We want to know about it! Use social media to share it, using the hashtag #LASW21 and tag @SecretCityLA so we track it for the next edition of the Official Sandwich Week guide!

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How else can I support local businesses? 

Local small businesses — cornerstones of our communities — never stop needing us!  You can show your continued support in several ways:

  • Make shopping at local businesses a part of your weekly routine. Become a “regular” and get to know the owner and staff.
  • Become a local business booster! 
    • Tell friends and family, and bring them shopping. Introduce them to the owners and staff.
    • Talk up the businesses on social media. Post positive online reviews.

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How else can I support Project Angel Food?

Visit them at angelfood.org.  You’ll learn all about their vision and mission, as well as volunteer opportunities and various ways to give. You can also access their donation portal through this QR code:

Use this QR Code to donate directly to Project Angel Food.