Case Study

Case Study

Nonprofit Community Engagement

Dr. Lucy Jones


Dr. Lucy Jones established herself as a world-renowned seismologist, but lacked the strategy to get policy makers to incorporate proven science in their work. After more than a decade as the media’s go-to earthquake expert, Dr. Jones had more requests than time and was unsure how to best manage her efforts and achieve her goals.

Stratiscope Approach:

  • Handled all media relations
  • Identified, established, and developed key partnerships
  • Nurtured relationships with communities and partners
  • Provided counsel on message development
  • Developed trainings and presentation materials
  • Helped found the Dr. Lucy Jones Center for Science and Society
  • Developed trainings on earthquake preparedness
  • Acted as liaison to government officials


  • Dr. Jones’s partnerships have led to:
    • Successful policies in dozens of cities
    • Operational changes in local government agencies, businesses, and non-profits
    • State legislation
  • Established and developed partnership between Dr. Jones and impactful entities and organizations such as the City of Los Angeles, Southern California Edison, Caltech, and others
  • Dr. Jones has achieved greater reach, having been featured on high-profile shows such as Conan and Larry King Now, as well as in publications including the New York Times
  • Dr. Jones’ non-profit has changed the conversation around the use of science in policy making and inspired others to take action.