Case Study

Live Nation


Change the community misperceptions of Live Nation in the neighborhood surrounding the Greek Theatre.

Stratiscope Intervention:

  • Engaged local community leaders, nonprofits, and government officials to understand the real needs and priorities of the community.
  • Attended 4-6 official community meetings per month.
  • Recommended local philanthropic recipients.
  • Designed community contributions based on needs expressed.
  • Instituted events including pancake breakfasts and community season preview receptions.
  • Developed relationships between community leaders and key Live Nation personnel.
  • Represented the client at official community meetings.


  • Established Live Nation as a visible, reliable community partner.
  • Received praise from local elected and appointed officials, competitors, and community leaders for Live Nation’s commitment to the community.
  • Cultivated 200 residents and leaders as Live Nation supporters.