Case Study

Case Study

Nonprofit Community Engagement

Coalition for Clean Air (Clean Air Day)


Shift a minority, politicized position to mainstream status to ignite an elevated conversation and attitude around clean air with an effort focused on individual actions to instill personal responsibility and also grows a larger, more engaged cross-sector coalition of supporters

Stratiscope Intervention:

  • Conceptualized and developed a statewide day of action to focus on air quality: California Clean Air Day on October 3, 2018
  • Project managed and supported Coalition for Clean Air (CCA) in executing the first statewide Clean Air Day
  • Developed and managed a steering committee, honorary mayors committee, and regional committees
  • Supported fundraising for a profitable, first time event
  • Crafted messaging and activities for participants, including several customized “toolkits”
  • Established partnerships with media and communicators
  • Passed resolutions of support for Clean Air Day in 22 local jurisdictions, including counties, cities, and school districts


  • Numbers:
    • 100,000+ day-of participants
    • 76% of those who took the pledge encouraged friends to participate
    • 91% of those who took the pledge followed through on it
    • 52,000,000+ commuters reached with freeway and stadium signs
    • 800,000 social media impressions
  • Increased the reach and awareness of CCA exponentially beyond their existing sphere of influence
  • Raised the client’s profile in the state’s biggest cities from San Diego and Los Angeles to Oakland and San Francisco
  • By virtue of creating the Clean Air Day brand, created a means by which the issue of clean air can be broached in a non-partisan way