What We Do

What We Do

Engage with Stratiscope’s proven solutions to advance your business, nonprofit, or government goals.

What does Stratiscope do?

Stratiscope exists to help your organization harness the power of community. Through our community engagement services, training programs, and a community branding practice, you and your organization can gain the skills, perspectives, and tools needed to connect more authentically and sustainably with the communities you serve and do business in.

In our work we strive to assist and guide a vast diversity of organizations as they address significant issues that affect their people and their communities.  Some recent examples:

Strategic Facilitation. We’re facilitating strategy sessions for three national nonprofit organizations, scientific organizations, and a major university to develop initiatives, programs, and implementation plans for their communities. They fulfill the promise of doing what they uniquely can do with the ultimate goal of increased relevance and financial sustainability.

Engagement Program Design. We are developing multiple statewide community engagement plans to specifically engage targeted segments of the community, often those who are not traditionally engaged in community processes or large, societal issues.

Community Brand Accelerator. We are currently leading our third CBA cohort to tackle issues like equity, poverty, homelessness, housing, mobility, and civic engagement. In this four-month program, lives are transformed and communities are positively impacted.

Coaching. We are advising executives in the public and private sectors, journalists, candidates for office, and non-profit leaders. In one-on-one, tailored sessions, we coaching on developing social media campaigns, conventional media coverage, public speaking, reputations, partnerships, and more.

Community Crisis Response. As vaccinations increase, we are working with several corporations and institutions as they reopen and re-engage their various stakeholders.

Stratiscope’s Core Service Offerings

Stratiscope offers a range of Community Engagement services

Community Engagement Services

“With community, anything is possible.”  Get the assistance and guidance your organization needs to achieve its goals.

Training Programs

Acquire the critical knowledge-gathering, facilitation, media, and other skills you and your teams need to have greater positive impact in the communities you serve.

Stratiscope offers a range of leadership training programs
Your Community Brand is your most valuable asset.

Community Branding

Create and fine-tune your image and reputation among the people who can most help you or your organization realize your goals.

Discover Stratiscope’s unmatched expertise.

Stratiscope’s leadership team has combined experience spanning more than six decades of connecting businesses, nonprofits, and government agencies to communities. We’ve developed broad and unmatched expertise, and we apply it to every aspect of your organization’s challenges.