Community Branding

"With a community, anything is possible"

Your community brand is a critical, foundational dimension of your personal or corporate brand.

Put most simply: It’s the image and reputation that you’re known for (or wish to be known for) among the people in the community who can help you or your organization realize your goals.

Stratiscope can help you define and refine your community brand through our Community Brand Audit, Community Brand Accelerator program, and custom community brand consulting.

Your Community Brand is your most valuable asset.

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Why you need a strong community brand

We all have a community brand. But it’s only when your community brand is fully activated and leveraged that it begins to benefit you.


Perception IS reality. A strong community brand that you live and demonstrate in your ideas, words, and actions—represents your organization’s (or your) reputation.


As you develop your strong community brand you’ll do work and build relationships that can help you achieve your next level of professional growth.


With a strong community brand you can achieve your goals more quickly because you have community along with you, in support of you and your mission.


A strong community brand helps you withstand, rise above, and move on from setbacks dealt you by your sector, customer/client base, or the natural environment.

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These are some of the most noticeable traits of a strong community brand:

  • Clear purpose/mission in service to the members of a targeted community 
  • Clearly defined primary and secondary audiences that you seek to serve
  • The ability to engage and activate those audiences
  • Close connection to and association with key leaders in your leadership area
  • Recognition as someone with proven insight and ability to move the community forward
  • A clearly defined online voice
  • Advocacy within the community: Having the right people say the right things to their people about you and your work
  • Acknowledged thought leadership and active results for your targeted community
  • Reach in the communities that need you (and that you need)
  • Alignment and affiliation with strategic, credible organizations
  • Speaking engagements in front of the right audiences
  • Receiving recognition for your Community Brand

Now is an excellent time to begin building your strong community brand.

The sooner you establish your community brand, the sooner you can achieve your goals with your targeted audience. (So many businesses and nonprofits are finding that the pandemic is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make a new first impression once we all reemerge.)

By homing in on how you want to be known by your community now, you can ensure that together you will advance toward your desired results for years to come.