Community Engagement Services

Community engagement is critical for you and your work, whether your organization is a business, nonprofit, or government entity.

Community—defined as employees, clients, customers, partners, affiliates, members, neighborhoods, and supporters—helps you to achieve your goals. Or as we like to say,

“With community, anything is possible.”

It’s also critical to get it right. Stratiscope offers an extensive range of community engagement services that provide just the right level of assistance and guidance your organization requires for the outcomes it needs.

Stratiscope offers a range of Community Engagement services

Program Design

A proven, four-step approach to community activation program design encompasses our proprietary Groundtruthing™ process, dynamic strategy development, and full program implementation and maintenance.


Groups of all types, sizes, and purposes can need help convening, aligning, and collaborating to achieve the results they were assembled for. A Stratiscope facilitator develops a strategic activation agenda then analyzes session results to crystalize, invigorate, and activate the group to do great work. LEARN MORE

Team Building

We take a unique and highly effective approach to team-building challenges—whether among work colleagues or disparate external stakeholders. Our aim is to not only build rapport and connections, but also instill a positive collective outlook that visualizes the success of the work to be done.   

Strategic Planning

To increasing your organization’s relevance in and to its community, you must understand your place in the community ecosystem. Our Strategic Planning services maximize your impact through in-depth investigation of your mission, vision, and values. We work with you to develop a strategic framework that crystalizes, reinvigorates, and activates your organization. LEARN MORE

Community Crisis Response

Stratiscope’s Community Crisis Response program prevents a community crisis from exacerbating damage to your brand and inhibiting your organization’s ability to do its work. Your organization builds trust and solidifies its reputation as a valuable and reliable community resource.

Community Intelligence Officer (ComIO) Services 

Prepare your team to face a new venture, enter a new community, or respond rapidly to an abrupt crisis with expertise, efficiency, and ease. Our expert ComIOs spend the necessary time to get to know the community. They then apply their learnings to create and offer analytical approaches to accomplishing your organizational goals. This program positions your organization to be a respected voice in the community. 

Developer Process

Property developers who engage early and authentically with the communities in which they work can experience higher levels of cooperation, smoother project approval, and acceptance of future projects (not to mention reduced costs and shorter times to completion). It’s about building and strengthening relationships in the community before you need their support and advocacy.

Audits, Analysis, & Diagnostics

How effective are your current community engagement efforts? How does the community perceive them? How can they improve? Stratiscope can benchmark your work, revealing granular insights to save time, money, and resources—while maximizing impact. From reviewing corporate impact to auditing community engagement by government entities. 

Among our audit/analysis/diagnostic services:

Community Metrics Analysis

Corporate Impact Diagnostic

Community Engagement Audit for Utilities

Custom Coaching/Advising

No two communities (or organizations) are alike—and your community activation challenges may not fall into a single advisory service. Starting with a discovery conversation, our team can assess your needs and craft a custom advisory engagement to help advance your organization’s community goals.