Community Crisis Response

Community Crisis Response

Stratiscope will help you position your organization to successfully and swiftly respond to any community crisis with expertise and efficiency, resulting in long-term benefits.

“Stratiscope offers the best reputation and expertise in the field of earthquake preparedness planning.”

– Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) Board Report

Crises happen in communities. And the impacts they make on your community have ripple effects that affect your organization. With a well-thought-out community response plan your organization can weather the storm and emerge as a trusted beacon of community leadership.

Stratiscope’s Community Crisis Response program prevents a community crisis from exacerbating damage to your brand and inhibiting your organization’s ability to do its work. Further, by responding with the intelligence gathered from authoritative sources and strategic partners, your organization builds trust and solidifies its reputation as a valuable resource for your customers, employees, and the larger community.

Long-term benefits for your organization can result, including:

Improved brand reputation.

When your response demonstrates your commitment to the community, you build relationships and establish trust that lasts long after the crisis has past.

Strengthened business position.

Placing your organization on the front lines of the crisis response opens you to intelligence that can allow you to be back in business sooner. Additionally, the trust you establish can draw new customers to your business.

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