Strategic Planning & Facilitation Services

With a proven superior approach to strategic planning and facilitation, Stratiscope helps businesses, non-profits, and government entities actualize their visions and fulfill their missions.


Build on your organization’s strengths. Focus your energy. Accelerate your success.

Every Stratiscope strategic planning and facilitation engagement —no matter how large or small the organization — springs from a positive, future-oriented, growth-mindset that fully leverages an organization’s equity.

We build your strategic plan with information gleaned from our proprietary processes:

  • Groundtruthing™
  • Community Intelligence Officer (ComIO) protocol
  • Strategic facilitation
  • Qualitative and quantitative analytical frameworks

Through our facilitation, analysis, and recommendations, we interpret and shape that information to help your organization determine the right path for the years ahead.

The end goal: The ideal strategic plan and roadmap to achieve your vision 

Stratiscope’s strategic planning process is a five-phase approach leading to a roadmap of tactical action steps that fulfill your objectives and KPIs.

The detailed roadmap includes a schedule for achieving each step, assignment of ownership of processes and specific actions, on-going measurement of progress, and re-grouping to evaluate progress, plus revisions.

Stratiscope has successfully facilitated strategic sessions for a spectrum of private sector and public sector entities. Our process is well-honed and results in an elevation of team unity as well as gathering the intelligence required. Our planning process is outlined in the five phases. The final strategic plan will be written and presented so our client can take ownership of the implementation of the plan. The final strategic plan document typically includes:


  • Executive Summary of the Plan 
  • Summary of Strategic Planning Process
  • Concise Description of the Organization
  • Vision Statement
  • Mission Statement
  • Values Statement
  • Swot Analysis and Related Research Findings
  • Strategic Goals, Objectives, and Initiatives
  • KPIs and OKRs
  • Target Audiences and Key Prospects
  • Sector Analysis
  • Competitive Analysis and Advantages
  • Strategic Initiative Implementation and Operation Plan
  • Resource Allocation including Action Owners
  • Gantt Chart for Tracking
  • Projections, Accountability and Measurements
  • Next Steps for Implementation


Working with a Stratiscope facilitator can make the difference between a good versus a powerful outcome from your workshop, planning session, or other convening of stakeholders working toward a goal.

Whether you seek to build your team, advance strategic initiatives, or fundamentally reimagine your organization’s mission, vision, and values — Stratiscope brings clarity to your purpose and invigorates your team for greater unity.

Stratiscope has a track record of effectively facilitating in-person and virtual groups to find common ground and forge cogent, achievable action plans for moving organizations forward.

How does a Stratiscope facilitation work?

We fine-tune our proven process to your group’s specific needs, goals, composition, and circumstances. Every Stratiscope facilitation is accomplished in three phases:

Phase 1: Pre-Meeting 

Our advanced planning with you ensures a well-run, outcome-oriented session. Stratiscope has a five-point process to both prepare attendees on what to expect as well as provide the right timing, processes, structure, and materials to achieve the desired outcome.

Phase 2: Meeting Facilitation 

Informed by the pre-planning and pre-meeting activities, Stratiscope’s lead facilitator and support team will not only manage the note-taking, time-keeping, and other logistical aspects of the session; we will also ensure that all attendees are fully activated and engaged so that all voices are heard and ideas are captured (before conclusions are drawn). We will recap key learnings and provide our expert analysis, insights, recommendations throughout the session to further enhance its benefits.

Phase 3: Post-Meeting 

Based on participants’ feedback, Stratiscope completes the facilitation process by first summarizing key learnings and then reviewing the outcomes, assessments, and synthesized results with the client to collaborate on next steps.

Often, Stratiscope then crafts and delivers a comprehensive strategic plan.