Venue Community Relations

Venue Community Relations

Maintain your status as a “good neighbor” as you draw visitors into your community.

“Venues” encompasses a wide range of places that attract people into a community: small music clubs, theme parks, theaters, concert halls, arenas, and corporate campuses. While venues are potent economic engines for communities, the outsiders (customers/patrons/workers) they attract will inevitably impact the locals (neighbors, including other businesses, property-owners, and residents).

Stratiscope has proven expertise to serve as your ComIO specifically in this setting. We bring together the locals and the venue to voice, address and mitigate concerns; solve issues; and build a stronger community.

Our Services:

Venue-Community Relations Design

Researching, analyzing, and designing a holistic community relations program that responds to community needs, establishes your venue as a good neighbor, and develops political goodwill


Venue-Community Relations Implementation

Implementing a community relations plan by training your team, designing components and materials, and supporting operations to ensure success


Venue-Community ComIO

Don’t have the staff for us to train on implementation? Let our Community Intelligence Officers do the heavy lifting instead