Stratiscope Training Programs

Give your team the skills they need to accomplish more in the communities they serve. Or grow your own personal leadership skill set.

All of Stratiscope’s training programs can be custom-tailored to your organization’s needs, goals, and personalities. Every program enables your business, nonprofit, or government entity to advance and accelerate its community activation mission.

Community Intelligence Officer (ComIO) Training

A ComIO represents your organization with professionalism, expertise, and sensitivity to the communities you wish to target, engage, and activate. Through this program your organization can gain competitive advantage, strengthen its reputation, and develop robust community engagement and activation strategies.

Elected Official Staff Training

Elected officials are only as good as their staffs. They can make or break the relationship in a community with a few simple words. With this training, elected officials can be confident that their staff—whether in the field or “inside the building”—can be known in the community as reliable, trustworthy, and respected. 

Community Intercept Training

What tactics do you need to use to meet people where they are in the community? How can you effectively seek out and activate key community members? This training provides best practices for identifying and activating your powerful and influential “silent supporters.”

Media Training

The fastest way to amplify and validate your community brand—or reframe and restructure your community relationships—is through media appearances. Learn how to choose, make and nurture better media connections. Know how to fine-tune messaging for specific outlets and audiences. Understand how to always present yourself and your organization authentically.

Community Crisis Response Training

During disasters, impactful community leadership leverages a focused, step-by-step approach to managing, informing, engaging, and activating your targeted community. Crises can also present opportunities to deepen relationships with partners and the media. Honed during wildfires, earthquakes, and economic crises, this training has been successfully applied in real-time to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Community Branding for Teams

Community Branding is the image and reputation that you’re known for (or wish to be known for) among the people in the community who can help you or your organization realize your goals. Your teams should be constantly on the forefront of your community branding efforts. 

Custom Training

Bring us the deficiencies you need to bridge, the skill sets you need to build, and the goals you need to reach. We’ll create an effective custom training program that accomplishes the purposes you define.