Corporate Community Engagement

Corporate Community Engagement

Harness the power of community to build brand equity and improve your relationships with customers, employees, and key stakeholders and influencers.

Stratiscope’s Corporate Community Engagement program advances your company’s efforts to expand its customer base and reach, attract and retain employees, increase trust and brand visibility in the community, and truly distinguish itself from its competitors.

The distinguishing feature of Stratiscope’s Corporate Community Engagement programs is this: We begin by placing your desired business outcome on an equal footing with the community need. In order to truly and fully serve your business purpose, we commit to gathering accurate community intelligence. The success of the program depends on it.

Our four-phase program at a glance:

1. Kick-Start

Our process starts with a deep-dive “kick-start” with the client that helps set program goals and inform program tactics.

2. Engagement Design

We use the information gathered in the “kick-start” to develop a series of internal and external Groundtruthing™ questions that engage the client’s affiliates (staff, board members, existing partners/clients, etc.) and the larger community to confirm and expand on the ideas the client has about itself and its work.

3. Launch

We synthesize our findings and report them back to the client in the form of a Community Engagement Playbook™. From there we craft and execute your Corporate Community Engagement initiative.

4. Program Maintenance

Through quarterly evaluations and regular check-ins, we take stock of your initiative’s effectiveness.

Download the complete Stratiscope Corporate Community Engagement program description