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Who We Serve

Who We Serve

Collaborating with core constituencies to create strong communities.

Government agencies, corporate entities, non-profit organizations, and venues have looked to Stratiscope to build lasting community connections that benefit all stakeholders.


Businesses turn to Stratiscope to increase profits by building stronger, longer lasting, and more fruitful relationships with the communities where they operate.

We achieve these outcomes by:

  • Identifying and developing partnerships with community leaders and organizations
  • Aligning brand and philanthropic missions with real community needs
  • Attracting and retaining high-quality workers from the community


Nonprofits turn to Stratiscope to increase their relevance; improve the impact and sustainability of their programs; and expand their relationships with funders, partners, and clients.

We achieve these outcomes by:

  • Realigning programs to shifting community needs
  • Refining and enhancing strategic community fundraising engagement
  • Increasing partnerships with leaders from communities, government, and business
  • Developing, recruiting, and placing board members


Governments turn to Stratiscope to develop and maintain public trust as well as research, craft, and implement effective policy.

We achieve these outcomes by:

  • Conducting community audits that identify strong potential partners
  • Developing innovative programs with implementation strategies and execution practices
  • Activating communities and developing civic cooperation